Dental Resin Tank clouding?

Hi Everyone!

I’m a relatively new Form2 user (~150 prints or so) and I’ve been noticing that when running parts in the dental resin the resin tank seems to cloud very quickly, after only a half dozen prints or so. I’ve tried cleaning it with the Novus polish that Form recommends, with no effect. It almost looks as though the laser is damaging the silicone pour in the resin tank through its thickness, so that it can’t be polished/cleaned off of the surface of the silicone (I’m assuming it’s silicone that is)…

Anybody else have this issue or know maybe why it occurs with the dental resin more than other resins?

Clouding is a natural byproduct of printing and we typically recommend that tanks are replaced after being used for 2L of resin. Evenly distributing where you print on the platform will prolong the lifetime of your tank. The more laser exposure an area is given to, the more it will cloud.

Clouding cannot be removed by polishing the tank. Novus works well for removing dust and fingerprints but will not remove clouded regions. If your tank shows significant clouding, we recommend replacing it.

Hi Frew,

I’m aware of this and understand, although I’m not getting anywhere near 2L of use out of a tank when using the dental resin. We’re creating relatively small parts, and I’m only getting maybe 6x prints total (~0.25L) before the tank is clouded enough that it causes problems with the parts.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue?

DentalSG does cloud at a faster rate than standard resins but you should get through at least a liter comfortably. Distributing parts as to not consistently print in the same area is the best way to prolong the lifetime of your tank.

Hello everyone I use the gray resin for jewelry at 0.025 I already have 47 printing with this same tank of resin and already this nebulous I used 200 ml of resin of the first gallon they say that the silicone has durability of two liters of resin will?

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