Cloudy LT tank on arrival?

Hi, I recently ordered a resin tank LT and some black v4 resin for my form2. When it arrived and I installed it, noting that the elastic/acrylic window wasn’t perfectly clear but since I hadn’t bought parts or printed in over a year assumed that’s how it was meant to be.

My first print failed, with the print falling during the print, as well as a soggy pancake both on the build plate and the tray. It doesn’t appear to have made a solid, recognizeable raft during the attempt although there were some support structures visible in what fell into the vat.

I drained and filtered the resin to look at the tank again, and it’s definitely hazy, consistently across the entire vat. Is this supposed to be this way? Was it potentially stored incorrectly or too long by the distributor since form2 are old news now?

Hi @espaki,

It is a little hard for me to tell just from this photo, but it is possible that there was an issue with the tank film. Please reach out to our Support Team and we can investigate further and get you a replacement if needed. Thanks!

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