Double sided tape - letting go

My Form 1 was delivered during one of the high desert’s heat waves last year, and unsurprisingly, the double sided tape holding the gasket in place more or less let go.  I’ve been sticking it back into place since then, but it’s finally getting annoying.  Anyone have any suggestions for replacing the tape with something that may adhere better?

Hi John, sorry to hear that the gasket has detached. To reattach gaskets, we use Scotch’s Advanced Tape Glider (, but it’s a bit expensive to get the glider and can be tricky to use (although scrapbookers love it). You can also apply a .25" wide permanent double sided tape by hand. I haven’t tried it, but this to that* brand

( looks promising.

*unrelated to which is a website full of great glue advice, which may also be helpful. I’ve only ever used CA to reglue gaskets, however.