Does Form1 support support SD card or other connections besides USB?

I wonder if the Form1 support SD card like makerbot does? It will be handy if Form1 has SD support since this will free the printer from the computer and can be placed in anywhere, otherwise I have to buy a notebook in order to move with the printer.

Hi Luckystar,

You do have to connect the Form 1 to a computer via USB at the beginning, but the PreForm software uploads the model to the Form 1 when the Form 1 starts printing.  Once it’s done uploading, normally a few minutes into the start of the print, you can unplug your computer and the Form 1 will finish the print.

Thank you Martin, do you know how long the USB line is? I think I may need a very long line to connect the printer with my PC, my PC is near the window and to avoid the sunlight I have to place the printer far away…I still strongly suggest a SD card inside the printer.

By the way, how can I stop or pause the printing if I find anything wrong? Could I stop it from the printer or do I need to reconnect it to my PC and stop it from the Form 1 software?

Hey Lucky,

Pausing is as easy as pushing the button on the Form 1. Stopping a print is as easy as pressing and holding the button on the Form 1 for 5 seconds. There’s no need to connect to the PC. As for the USB cable, the Form 1 comes with a 6’ cable, but any USB cable should work, so you can use a longer one if you wish.

Thank you Craig, that information helps, I will find an USB cable long enough for me.

5m is the max length in the USB 2.0 spec.  Generally you can go a bit longer, but try to avoid using simple extensions (technically these violate the spec.)  If you need to go longer than 5m, there are ‘active’ extensions that amplify the signal.

Jonathan, thank you for the information, it is very helpful!

You should be fine with longer cables too. The model upload usually takes 2-3 minutes, but if you want to make it even faster, don’t confirm the print until the model is mostly uploaded. The laser being active tends to slow down the transfer.