Different names for flexible resin in Preform 2.5.0 and Firmware 1.6

I would print something with flexible resin FLFLGR02.

I set the Resin in Preform (2.5.0) and start the upload to the Printer.
The printer (Firmware 1.6) detects a Resin “Flexible V2” and stop the job, but the cartridge is correct labeld to “FLFLGR02”

Look like a bug between preform and firmware.

Please fix it ASAP.

I’m able to go through the process of printing with FlexV2 on PreForm 2.5.0 and firmware 1.6.0 without any problem. Everything correctly displays as Flexible V2 on the printer UI.

What’s the specific error that the printer reports, and what materials does it report for each of tank, cartridge, and print?

Did you mean to say that the printer detects the cartridge as “Flexible V1”, but the paper label on the cartridge is for “Flexible V2”? If that’s the case then you should open a support ticket and we’ll work one on one with you to get this resolved.

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