Flexible Resin Form2

Its in the store and i have ordered some (not arrived yet) for a job but its not in PreForm as an option. Should I use another setting, tough for example?

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I want to ask the dame question.

scroll down and you will see flexible resin is not supported yet for the form 2
Ciao Klaus

Thanks Klaus,

Seems strange we can buy it, so if thats the case how long until we can use the flexible as I will have some in the next few days. (well its ordered but not shipped).



Good eye Will! We are making some adjustments to the Flexible material settings in order to properly accommodate the resin. These updates should be going very very soon.

I’ll make a point to post here again to let you know when the update is available.

In the meantime, I would not recommend using any of the other material settings as you run the risk of under or over curing your parts.


Thanks Jory,
I am having the same issue and I am interested as well in being notified as soon as the upgrade is available. Really looking forward to that!

Please let us know,


We just posted the PreForm update that includes support for Flexible on Form 2. Enjoy :smile:

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Perfect timing, mine arrived yesterday:) Thank you…

Thats great because i have a print to do with thanks a lot

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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