Cartridge warning

I accidentally left a cartridge of flexible resin in my machine after changing the tank to black. The machine warned me to change the cartridge, which I did. It recognizes the cartridge as black, but continues to give me the same warning “insert black cartridge”. Help??!

Just a followup - I tried a brand new resin cartridge and I still get the same message. The display shows both tank and cartridge are black, but it is still asking for a black cartridge. I have an urgent project to print & I’m dead in the water. Anyone?


Do the resin versions (1 or 2) of the tank and cartridge match what you selected in PreForm? Another user had a similar sounding problem that was caused by a resin version mismatch.

Looks like that was it! Thanks Robert!

I don’t remember changing it, but I guess I did. What is the difference between V1 and V2?


We understand that the printer UI is a bit confusing regarding the resin version. We will be releasing a firmware update soon that will help clarify which cartridge version is required (all based upon which you selecting within PreForm).

From New resin formulation?:

Black FLGPBK02
This is largely a formulation change as we improve our supply chain.
Technical properties did not change significantly.
We denote the new formulation number because there are updated print settings and we want to make it possible for people to ensure they use the right print settings and don’t accidentally mix the materials.

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