Form 2 Cartridge Warning after changing Cartridge and Resin Tank

Hi Community,
first I printed a lot with the clear resin and a Resin Tank. It worked good. Then I changed the Resin Cartridge to black and I also changed the Resin Tank to a new one. Now the problem is when I try to start a new print with this settings, I get the following “Cartridge Warning” every time: Please insert a Cartridge that is compatible with Clear Resin (FLGPCL04). This error message includes also the information that I have inserted “Cartridge Black V3” and “Resin Tank Unused”.
I have already tried to replace this new Resin tank and the Resin Cartridge Black V3 to an other new one. But I still got the same “Cartridge Warning” with the same information.
When I change my setting back to the old Resin Cartridge (clear) and Resin Tank then I works.

I would be very happy if you could help me. :slight_smile:
Kind regards

launch PreForm on a PC that can communicate with the printer and check to see the resin setting on the part you exported for print.
Chances are- you exported a file with your resin setting in PreForm still set to Clear- so the part was set up for clear resin, and the file is encoded for clear- but its not finding clear resin in the tank.

Change the setting to black and recheck the layer height, and Re-export the file.


Thank you for your fast reply Sculptingman - The problem is solved! :smiley:

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