Resin Tank Warning after changing Resin Tank and Cartridge

Hi Guys,
I printed with Grey resin. Before I updated the printer’s firmware, changed the resin cartridge to Grey Pro, and changed the resin tank to the new one our Form 2 worked well. When I started a new print I got a warning that I missed changing some settings about the new resin, so I corrected it. After that, I got the following: “Resin Tank Warning: Please insert a LT Tank that is compatible with Grey Pro Resin (FLPRG01)” and information “Resin Tank Unused”. Yes, it is still empty, but I think “unused” means something else. I have already tried to replace this new resin tank with another new one. But I still got the same “Resin Tank Warning”. When I installed the tank with Black resin, the printer recognized it.
Could you help me to solve this problem? Do you have any idea, what it might be?
Thank you in advance.

Thanks to the Customer Service the problem has been solved.

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