Black Resin changed RS-F2-GPBK-04

I was in the middle of a print while black resin RS-F2-GPBK-03 went out. I have exchanged it through a new cartridge black resin and did not noticed that the version has changed- it is RS-F2-GPBK-04 now. Print will not continue because of “incompatible Resin” How so???
Is it really different ? From where I can get version RS-F2-GPBK-03 ?
What to do?


Check this thread about resin formulations and compatibility.

Also I think your firmware version must be up to date (at least the version where BlackV4 was introduced).

Usually, you can’t buy more Black V3 since they clear the stock before starting new formulations.

What I’ve personally noticed was a slight better surface finish (also changed printer, so not sure it is about the resin), and a little more flexible parts, especially the support structures. But overall, its the same.


V3 and V4 are mixable (see @ClaudioPin’s link), but the printer won’t allow you to change the resin version during a print. What you can do is place the V3 resin back, pour some V4 into the V3 cartridge and let the printer finish the print.

After that just pour back the rest of the resin from the V3 cartridge to the V4 cartridge and use the V4 from then on. Upon starting a new print (you have to set the file in V4 in preform before hand), the printer will warn you that the tank is a V3 tank and thus incompatible with the V4 resin, you can override that warning and start the print anyway… the V3 tank will then be converted to V4 and you won’t get the warning again.

Had a similar situation with 2 “compatible” versions of white that were, supposedly, simply a “supplier change”. If that is the case the software should realize that and continue the print instead of giving you the error message and not letting the print continue.

All I did was to remove the cartridge of version 3, pour some of the version 4 into the 3 cartridge, reinsert it and hit “continue”. The printer didn’t know the difference and the print turned out fine.

If FL says the versions are compatible, then the software should be written to work with, so called “compatible versions”…Should be a no brainer !

Thank you all for the good advices.

Frew said that they were looking into changing the codification of the resin in order to implement Versions and Revisions, probably in order to better manage these compatible/not compatible issues.


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