V2 Tank, V4 Resin refill

I have a v2 tank and just bought the v4 resin refill. I read a previous poster who suggested changing the tank’s setting on the OSD, but I don’t see where I can do that (think I’ve been through all the options, also running latest firmware). Do I have to buy a v4 tank now too?

You should probably be specific about the resin.

Imo, the answer will likely be “probably, but it depends”.

No, if you’ve previously used the tank for a different resin, the printer will flag up a mismatch between the resin that’s assigned to the tank and the resin that’s in the cartridge. It will ask whether you want to reassign the tank to the resin that’s in the cartridge.

Old Resin: FLGPBK02, black. New is S-F2-GPBK-04 also black.

Nothing is currently asking me what do with the tank…do I need to empty it first?

Unfortunately you can’t mix Black v2 with Black v4. Take a look here for a list of resin versions and changes. You’ll need to empty out the v2 resin from the tank before filling it with v4. When you try to print something, that is when it will give you the option to update the tank.

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