Cups Detected Question


I’m wondering if anyone can comment on the issue below?

2 models are essentially the same except for the outer square detail you can see. The interior of both is the same - i.e. neither has vent holes. I successfully printed the one on the left yesterday, however today I’m getting a cup detected warning.

I would have thought I should be getting this warning on both?

The cups detection does sometimes seem inconsistent.

That said, I think the reason is that it has a threshold on the total surface area of the cup to prevent warnings for cases that, while they technically qualify as cups, aren’t large enough to cause deformation/adhesion problems.

So, the difference between the two objects in your screenshot might be that the extra area added by the box surrounding the cylinder is just enough to trigger the warning. As to why it is highlighting only the cylinder, not sure.

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I assume aside from the cylindric cavity, the square is solid. I believe Preform highlights the cup itself, which is why the square portion (and the walls of the cylinder) aren’t highlighted.

I’ve also noticed it may not highlight cups on all models all at once. Once you resolve one, you might get new cups detected in other parts on the same build.

If you successfully printed the one on the left, then I’d be surprised if the other one fails.

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