Cupping where there is none

Hi there,

I’ve had a few files now which look perfectly fine to print, however, formlabs is displaying an issue of cupping where there is no cupping? Does this effect the printing?

I just ignore it, if I’ve double checked to make sure it’s not picking up something I’ve missed.

No issues, prints fine. It’s the algo that’s not working right. Your prints should be fine.

Thankyou for you reply. That function always seems to be an issue than an actual help. :confused:

It has always been very reliable for me when it comes to indicating where cupping might occur. Now it’s not because it’s indicating cupping that it’ll be an issue, I think that’s a very difficult thing to assess and knowing it’s a fairly new feature Formlabs is probably playing it safe for now.

I also sometimes ignore it, but it also often help to remind me that cupping might be an issue and it forces me to evaluate the situation.

If you encounter cupping indications when there is no closed cavities in your model at your current orientation, you should post it here or open a ticket so that Formlabs is aware of it.

I have the opposite issue : There are huge cups which are not picked by Preform.

The printer is in “Open mode” ; I hope that the cup check is not disabled for that reason…
I can’t see a way of testing what would happen if not in open mode, since the printer is running, and there is no way to force that setting in Preform.

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