Cupping problem


I am trying to print this model but I have a cupping problem that I can’t avoid. I tried to orient the model with 30 in X, and 30 in Y. That minimized the cupping but still a problem. Is vent holes the only solution, and in that case how do you make that?

A pic would be great… better than that, the .form file used for the print.

can you post a pic of your file.if you need to add drain holes you can go back to your 3d file and add some holes.If you only have a mesh to work with you could use meshmixer to edit the mesh or your 3d software if it can edit meshes.I use Rhino and it can do some mesh editing.

link for model

Damn… that’s a hell of a part (particularly the razor thin perimeter, and tiny connections!)

… but I don’t see a cupping problem anywhere?

Does anyone else?

Same here. There is no cups in this model but many other issues not suitable for printing.

Thanks for the response. The warning of cupping were gone once I tried a different orientation. Nevertheless, as you mentioned it is a challenging print so the result was kind of strange. The thin layers melted down somehow, so I decided to print something else.