Cup detected while setting up a print of jar

Hi. I’m a new to resin printing. I’m trying to print this jar with a big opening. I positioned the bottom of the jar to sit on the build form and remove the internal supports to get cleaner result. Then I got the cup detected warning and it was suggesting to make vent holes which I do not want. Is there other way to solve this problem? Also, Do I need internal supports for this type of jar or any cosmetic bottles?
I test printed a small bottle with the supports inside and it was very difficult to take them out and made the inside of bottle really messy. Any suggestions?

Hi @HJO ,

Thank you for reaching out regarding your cupping issue; for parts like this, we would indeed recommend a vent hole (which I understand is not ideal for your use-case). You would likely need to print this upside-down from your shown orientation, but you could try to angle it a bit to limit the amount of internal supports.

You could also risk running the print as-is, but with a cup that large the pull-force would be exponentially higher and possibly cause a tear in your tank and a resin spill.

You could open a support ticket with our Services Team and share the .form file to see if they can provide alternative orientations for you to try!

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