Corrupt meshes

Hi as a new user to Form labs 2 , I am having issues importing meshes into preform, I use matrix jewellery CAD software which uses the Rhino as its core engine. Saving designs out as an obj file seems almost every time I load into Preform it says they need repairing. On using the repair option generally it never completes so I have to close preform using task manager. If it dose complete repair the issue is still there.

Before exporting from Matrix I do a mesh check and it says they are all good.

The latest model is a very simple ring.

Any suggestions most welcome.


Rhino does not export OBJ that is industry standard. Lots of files I see exported out of Rhino corrupt when imported into other software.

Your best bet is to Export as an STL. this will triangulate the geometry and eliminate all the non-geometry code that OBJ files can contain that can play havoc on import.

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Thanks for your advice, that works ok.



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