Import multiple meshes in one STL file, treat as separate objects

Not sure how feasible this is, nor if there’s a better way to do it.

From Rhino I would like to export a number of meshes as STL - say, a collection of rings in different sizes. Easy enough, select then export. Each object then is stored as a separate mesh within the STL.
Then import them into Preform and be able to select each ring separately for layout, orientation and support generation rather than selecting the entire loaded STL file and all operations act on all the meshes.

Current alternatives as I see it are a) export each ring as a separate STL, which is both time consuming & messy or b) do the layout & build the whole support structure in Rhino and export that as STL (which loses most of the benefits of Preform).

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I suggested they do that with obj files since you can have named mesh groups whereas an stl is just one mesh group regardless.

If I export as obj from Rhino then I can have each layer exported as a separate obj group, but I generally only use obj as an intermediate step when editing with 3D Coat.

obj’s come in nice in PreForm, just use triangles only. N-side is bad unless you want to do a nurbs conversion in something else.

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