Fixed some of our failed printing by changing software

We were exporting most of our STL files from Rhino and double checking them in NetFabb. NetFabb would show everything as being OK but we were getting a lot of failures.

Tried importing the same part from Rhino into Modo using the CAD Loader plugin (can also use MOI) and did mesh repair in Modo then exported the STL from Modo, double checked in Netfabb and the parts printed fine. Have not had a failure since. I think Rhino just doesn’t make a clean mesh (meshing has never been a Rhino strong point) so using MOI, Modo, or any other 3D software that does good meshes might help

Hello Jeff,

Great info.  For Modo, although I use v401, I’m not familiar with any specific tools to repair meshes…is it like the automated process in Netfabb or are you doing it via the use of several tools, etc.

thanks, I appreciate it!


There is Mesh Cleanup in 601 or newer or you can get Cadjunkie’s Zen layout which has Super Mesh Cleanup tool that also fixes holes and a few more issues then Luxology/The Foundry’s version. We also run through Netfabb as a sanity check before printing too. Mesh Fusion which is in beta for Modo will also be awesome for designers and for generating good watertight meshes.