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Hey, I was using MakePrintable for a few years now and without further noticed they shut down the service this year. Do you guys use any software that can repair and if necessary add thickness to complex 3d models?.

Hi @AllOnScale,

Good question! I would recommend looking into our article on Hollowing out 3D Models with Meshmixer. Meshmixer may have some of the features you are looking for, but suggestions from others would also be very welcome.

I’m aware of Meshmixer but I believe its also been discontinued for a while now. There are a few stl fixers online but none have any features like adding thickness. And basically just do what Preform already does during repairs.

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I sometimes get errors when I load an STL into Preform and it asks if it can repair it. I never see what actually gets repaired. I was wondering if Preform is thickening walls for me or such things that are barely noticeable.

I have a program called NetFabb Studio. It’s freeware and the fancy stuff it can do is disabled. But it’s great for the problems you mostly face with 3D printing - non-watertight solids and intersecting polygons and other stuff. Most of the time it’s able to fix an error. In the few situations where it has not been able to fix a problem, it shows where the problem is and I have been able to fix with my CAD software.

I don’t know if the freeware version is still available since the company was acquired by Autodesk. But NetFabb.Com still goes someplace valid so if you want to do some hunting, it’s worth the effort to find.

Exclamation point means there’s a problem with this mesh.

Hit the “+” to repair and it shows you where the errors are (hard to see here, look for yellow edges) and gives you options for fixing them.

You can still download MeshMixer.
We use this with your models if there is a tear somewhere digitally that cannot be seen in design.
Its interesting.

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