Anyone doing 3D prints from TurboCAD Pro Platinum?

Is anyone out there doing 3D prints using TurboCAD Pro Platinum?

When I open .stl files created from TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 in PreForm, it says some loaded models are damaged and need repair. It then asks whether I would like PreForm to attempt to automatically repair these models. I click on repair and PreForm doesn’t complain, however, when I follow up with File Print PreForm says “No models loaded. Cannot print an empty job.”
The only thing in the TurboCAD model file is a solid box. Do I need to hollow out the box. Does the model need to contain only surfaces? Is there something I can do with the .stl file in TurboCAD to repair the model?

Don’t know where to go from here; But if someone has been successful at printing anything from TurboCAD, this would give me encouragement to keep trying. I’m new to 3D printing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my process is incorrect.


Have you ever tried .obj format?

The STL-export filter of TC is not the best. It produces a lot of errors; the higher the complexity of the model, the more errors you’ll get. You have to repair the STL-file first before printing with repair-software like netfabb.

BTW: Never use TC-surfaces! Only volume models will work properly. And to hollow a modell will save expensive resin.

I’ve printed thousands of parts constructed with TC. It works!



Do you use the free version of netfabb?
(I notice they have a number of versions.; the cheapest paid version is $150 per month/$1000/year)!


I had the same issue with the STL file output from Moi3D, switching to OBJ helps alot but at times even the OBJ will need to be fixed/repair and I usually use Foundry Modo for that.

You can use the free Autodesk Netfabb Cloud Service. It can’t merge parts, but fixes most of the common errors (holes, disoriented triangles etc.)


What do I choose for ‘Solid Mode’?
Does it need to be ‘Solid’, ‘TC Surface’ or ‘SMesh’?


Choose “Solid” whenever possible.


When I selected a Solid Mode of ‘Solid’ and then output this as a .obj file, when I brought up that file in Netfabb, I had the following issues:
When doing a Repair part the following error was displayed:
Mesh has no faces.
When I do a Slice Selected Parts, the Start and Stop values are both 0.000 mm.
It’s only when I choose a Solid Mode of ‘SMesh’ and then save the file as a .obj do I get a non-zero value of Start or Stop.

Am I missing something?
Does TurboCAD have the capability to create a slice file?
Then there is the issue of fixing the Mesh…I have heard that TurboCAD cannot fix the Mesh errors.

Are you saying I need to create my entire model in Solid Mode = Solid,
and when I’m done with it, then change Solid Mode = SMesh before saving it as a .obj file?
Then I pull it into Netfabb to do surface mesh cleanups?


Netfabb is a repair software for mesh based models.
obj. is a geometric based file format - this doesn’t match.

Try the following (sorry for translation errors - I use the German version of TC):

Open your file in TC, go to: Options - ACIS - Facette mode: user definded
Facette parameters: Tolerance 2 degrees
(This increases the number of facettes to get better rounds)

Save your file as .stl
Repair the .stl file with netfabb

This will work.

TC can’t create slice files. This will the printer software do, e.g. PreForm.

Don’t use SMesh before you’re sure what you are doing. Choose “solid” all the time!


PreForm has netfabb components included.
Try to send your unrepaired .stl file directly to PreForm, it’s possible that PreForm can repair it.


Thanks JohnK42,

I appreciate your help.
When I try saving a model with Solid Mode=Solid,
If I open it in PreForm, it asks me if I want to repair the model.
If I click on No, it says,
“There were some errors during file loading:
Unknown error”
If I click on Yes, it doesn’t report an error, however, there’s nothing visible on the screen.
It’s like the box doesn’t exist in the .stl file.

This is a simple cube created with the Tool Pallette -> 3D Model -> 3D Object -> Box tool

If I try loading the Box2.stl file into Netfabb it says,
"Unable to open file “…\Box2.stl”

You mind me asking what version of TurboCAD do you use?
I’m using TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 64-bit., Version 24.0 Build: 38.2
I’m running Windows10 Pro 64-bit


Sorry, I’ve never heard of such issues.

Feel free to send me a PM with the .STL and the .TCW attached (please save as TC 2015)



I sent you 2 PM’s.
PM1 has:
–>.stl output file
–> TC2017 version of .tcw

PM2 has:
–> TC2015 version of .tcw


Your box is a solid, the .stl is error free and I can open it in PreForm. Everything’s fine…

Your problem sounds more like a windows file reading conflict.
Close TC (or the window with your box file) before loading the stl into netfabbs or PreForm.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, JohnK42,

That was it exactly.
I have never thought to close TurboCAD (or the current work window) after saving the .stl file.
TurboCAD must not save (or release) the .stl file until you close the active window.
What’s really strange, it seems as though TurboCAD does save .obj files immediately…the .stl files, it does not.