Integrity issues warning

What should I troubleshoot in my 3D model if I get an integrity issues warning, when importing the STL file in the preform?
My 3D software is Autodesk Fusion 360.

Usually means there are issues converting the file to an STL. Nothing to worry about though, netfabb runs inside preform so it should automatically fix that. If it can’t, try changing the settings of the STL files in your CAD package to make the accuracy higher. I am not sure how to do that in Autodesk but I am sure it has options to increase the resolution.

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Couple things might be wrong with the file, Open geometry (uncapped surfaces) which the PreForm fixes well. Internal holes which are visible when you scroll through the build layers (you need to fix them or you will have quality issues with the print such as bubbles and blowouts), lastly flipped faces (also need to fix before printing) Flipped faces will not print causing the minimum wall thickness as if it was a sheet and not a volume. Some programs have a unify normals function which usually fixes the problem.

Both internal holes and flipped normals need to be edited then re-imported into the PreForm

For the most part import the model, click fix if that option shows up and if you get a 2nd prompt of an error with the model and PreForm can’t fix it, check the model over carefully before printing.

So far all the models I had that had errors that PreForm can’t fix I had issues printing.

After examining my file carefully, I found a small error. An inner rounding which overlapped itself.
I only found the error because I had just made a change to the object since my previous print, so I knew where I had to look.
Maybe it’s a good idea to regularly make an import check in Preform, so you easier to locate an error.
Recently I have found out that Autodesk Mesh Mixer can show me where the error is located.

Hi all, for starters I wanted to start a new thread but had no idea how to do it (not a good start that proves my point that I am a noob).
I have designed with sketchup a model that I wanted to print. For some reason when I import it the volume of the object is 15,000ml while the original dimensions of the outer outline were 96mmX113mmX82mm and the object is not even close to being a full solid cube. Also, I designed it on mm and imported it on mm so I have no idea why there is such inconsistency for the volume.
I also selected the minimumn density and resolution and still the print time is estimated to ~480hrs.
Anybody has any ideas? I can share the original stl file and sketchup file if people are willing to take a look at them but I will gladly of course follow any instructions.
I am using Preform 1.9.2
Thank you

//forgot to mention that among other things I DO get an integrity issues warning and that is why I used this thread

Post up the file or a link to it. I am sure some of us will take a look and return with suggestions. It may also be worth opening a support ticket so FL can document anything weird going on within Preform.


Link to sketchup file

Link to stl file

Thanks. I will open a ticket as well. I know the issue is probably in the sketchup file to begin with, but I need to understand I guess how the printer works in order to understand what the problem is on my design