Fusion 360 Import Issues

I’ve been using Fusion 360 to build a couple of parts for a hobby project to better learn how to use 360 and for fun. My model is not very complex. It’s 2-3 2D sketches, one for the bottom and walls, one for the little holder on the bottom and one for the hold on the end. All of the walls are made using the push/pull extrusion tool and everything is solid.

When I import it directly from 360 into preform and when I load it into meshmixer and then save to an STL. I have to do a repair in Preform. I thought it was a pretty basic object and shouldn’t need repaired. You can also see that when not selected in Preform that there are some really weird artifacting going on where you can see part of it through other parts but not everywhere. When I print without repair and print with repair all prints fail, mainly on the walls which are around 2-3mm thick.

I appreciate the help.

There could be several reasons why the stl file has import issues.
Just looking at the images that you have provided is not enough for me to provide any assistance.
Can you upload the stl file?

Thanks for taking a look. I’ve printed other small projects that I made in 360, not sure if it’s an export issue but if it is 360 doesn’t have many options.

enclosure v17.stl (391 KB)

I used meshlab to do a basic review of the file using the “Filters”.
There appear to be some issues with it. The part has
several self intersecting surface meshes (polygons).
There might be another issue related to vertices as well, but I didn’t check that.
Otherwise, the part seems to have surface unified normals, it looks normal in meshlab.
My guess is that some surfaces are coplanar, so the solid has gaps between some polygons (surface meshes?) of “0” unit distances. PreForm isn’t clear on where surface meshes begin and end because of the overlap, so basically there are 2 surfaces occupying the same coordinates. At least thats how I understand the issue.
Normally, these errors are due to a modeling technique error.
The image below shows the red areas as problematic.

@TemujinKuechle thank you for taking a look at this. Do you have any ideas for fixing this? The model file itself is pretty simple and I’ve actually print a much older version in preform about a year ago and it worked perfect. I am sure both 360 or Preform has updated since then but I’m not sure which one broke it or how to go about fixing it.

Thank you again.

Utilize the cross section features in F360 to analyze the areas of the part that seem problematic. If there are lines where there should be solid material then this is a sign that the part needs modifications.

When you did your extrudes did you do a join or new body (you would have to do new body for the first?) It almost looks like you did new body (with coplanar surface) and the STL has both in it.

I just went into it and I used the job and cut operations.

The main body is two extrudes using join.


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