Changing tank resin designation?

So I have two tanks that have had about 1 litre of resin through them. One clear and one black. I now have V3 of each but want to use the old tank which is V2, happy to discard to old V2 resin if needs be… Is there a way to change the old tank to V3??

I hope that make sense.


Unless you have access to super-secret resin I wasn’t aware existed, I suspect you’re going from V1 to V2 rather than V2 to V3. As long as you thoroughly clean the tank before using a different resin, you should be good to go. The machine will alert you that the tank had previously been used with a different resin but you can confirm that you’ve cleaned the tank and want to switch resins. The recommendation of using a separate tank for each different resin is largely based on it being a bit time consuming to clean out the tanks.

Hah, yes good spot. Sorry V3 on the clear and V2 on the black…

Many thanks for the answer…


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