Changing resin tanks

I have gone through 1 tank of clear resin.I have another on order.What is the procedure for changing the tank.I ordered a new build tank too.Do I close the valve from the tank currently in place and just remove it? I assume I should leave the build tank in place when chaning the resin tanks so I dont get resin leaking onto the top of the build platform? How do I get the wiper off from the build tank? Can I pour the resin from the current build tank into the new tank so it isnt wasted?

I couldnt find anywhere on the website that goes through what to do when you replace the resin .I will be using the same resin as before.

The resin tray only needs to be replaced when the bottom is fogged too much which is around 2 cartridges of resin. If you’ve only used one cartridge of resin then you shouldn’t need to replace the tray just yet.
If you’ve bought a new cartridge, then close the cap on the top of the old one and remove it, then place the new cartridge into the machine, you don’t need to remove the tray.

If you are replacing the tray, then remove the cartridge first, after that you can remove the tray by pulling the base of the wiper towards you to pop it out of the slot and then slide the tray towards you to remove the tray.

Also don’t forget to remove the build platform if you pull out the tray, especially if there’s resin on it. You’ll only make this mistake once after having to clean the glass.

Thanks for the responses.


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