When changing resin tanks

HI. Just installed a new FL2 and have a question about changing the resin tank from using one
material to another. What do you do with the wiper arm from the resin tank you are removing?
Do you clean it off somehow? Do you leave it sitting in the tray with the unused resin? Somehow
store it separately till you’re ready to use it again with that resin tank? Any suggestions here would be appreciated.


If you are changing the material of the resin tank (which I generally recommend against), you’ll want the wiper as clean as the tank when switching resins. The best way I have found is to soak the wiper in the isopropyl alcohol as you would any part. Once it’s clean and dry, you can put it back in the tank.

HI… Thanks for the quick reply. I should have been a bit more specific.
I have a number of resin tanks, each dedicated to one particular resin. So
each resin arm would be dedicated to that particular tank and resin. So when I
change tanks, is the wiper arm just left in the tank sitting in the resin, until it’s used
next time? Thanks

Ah yes. You’ll note that there is a feature in the black tank lid which is intended to hold the wiper in place.

As @CraigBroady noted, you will want to replace the black lid on the tank with wiper in place. A couple of notes:

  • Make sure that black lid is on well. One time I mistakenly sanded a part near my trays and one tray…the lid was not on well. Lesson learned…i keep my tanks in a cabinet now.
  • Make sure you store the tanks where they will be free from UV light (don’t store on a window sill, counter top in direct sun, etc.)
  • If the unused tanks sit for more than a couple weeks and have anything other than clear resin, be sure to use the wiper to mix it for a couple of mins. The color dyes can separate from the resin and cause unsightly prints and/or failures.