How do you guys store the resin tank wiper? (Form 2)

So the resin tank goes back in the box, simple enough. Though I’ve never found a good solution for storing the resin drenched wiper separately without it going all over the clip in part. Was thinking some sort of black airtight upright container though not managed to track anything ideal down. Any suggestions?

I leave the resin in the tank, and just leave the wiper in the tank in the same spot it sits when installed in the printer. The cover has a cavity that holds it in place there.

If I’ve emptied the tank and don’t want to contaminate it, I let the wiper drain (e.g. with a stand like this or a paperclip solution) then put it in a medium-sized ziplock and place it in the box adjacent to the tank.

Hey rkagerer, I’ve not noticed a cavity for the wiper in it’s place. I thought the lid for the tank was airtight? cool! the 3d printed stand draining solution sounds good, though would need to do this in a dark room or something.

It’s not airtight.

The Formlabs’ resins tends to require more power to cure than other SLA/MSLA resins, and as such tolerate a little more incidental exposure to ambient light. I used to be paranoid about darkness, but lightened up on it some years back. I’ve never had problems with the kind of brief light exposures you get from everyday work with resin tanks (e.g. filtering, straining, cleaning, emptying/filling, etc). I would of course turn the lights off if leaving it for a long time. And I don’t work on this stuff in direct sunlight.

Draft might be an exception - it’s a little more sensitive.

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I hang it from the Build Plate so it drains.