Form³ Resin Tank storage

With my Form², I was kinda used to keep the last used Tank in the Printer to cover the optical glass below it to minimize if not entirely prevent dust from settling on it. Basically, pop it out, unhinge the Wiper, place the Tank Cover on it, pop it back into the 3D Printer - All of which also helped with the limited storing capabilities of mine.

The Form³ Manual mentions that the Resin Tank when not in use should be stored in the box it came in.

Is this mandatory or just a suggestion? I kinda like the idea of keeping the Tank in the Printer as I’ve done with my Form².

I’ve generally kept my resin tanks in the printer when not in use. With the Form 3, all the optics hides in the “garage” on the right side of the printer, so you no longer need to worry about dust settling on the optical window.

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Agreed with Craig above me! It’s certainly not mandatory, but we generally shoot for a “better safe than sorry” angle on those types of recommendations.

In general, a few days/week or two in the printer is fine. If you’re going longer than that, we don’t think anything disastrous is likely to happen, but you might as well store the tank in its case until you print again.

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So before storing the tank in the original box, are you supposed to empty the resin into a jar and then clean out the tank with alcohol? If so, then what kind of storage container is safe? I see a lot of black airtight / light proof containers on amazon, but most are made of aluminum. Is the resin OK in contact with aluminum?

UPDATE: Well, I think I found answers on the support site. Form 3 resin tank cleaning is at:

And resin storage can be found under the Form 2 support pages, which recommends HDPE jars:

I found these HDPE containers on Amazon:

They are oversized, but the large mouth should make it easier to pour resin in there.