Swappin Resins

I have a tank with grey resin in it. And I have the plastic container, hooked into my Form2, thats 80% full. Whats the best way to get them out of the Form2 nice and clean, especially the resin container. And can I use the same plastic plug to put over the end or will there be lots of cleanup etc?

I was thinking of pouring the resin from the tank into a mason jar or something and putting it up in a closet.

Are you looking to empty the resin from the tank and into a temporary container? If that’s the case, something like a mason jar should work well so long as it’s kept in a dark environment. Filtering the resin from the tank into a jar is good practice to ensure that the resin is ready to go when you’re looking to use it again.

Im looking to do both. My tank is at its end, but I figure I can just take out the tank and cover it and put it in a closet, or empty the resin from the tank into a mason jar.

But, I also have a container of resin in the form2, so I was wondering if I should just cap it with the same orange cap, or whatever. Can I open that container and put the resin in a jar or does the form2 need a plastic container loaded to run?

If your tank is nearing the end of its life, it’s often easiest to pour excess resin from the old tank into a newer one. The resin can also be stored in a container for future use so long as the container is opaque and stored in a dark room. You’ll also want to make sure you’re storing the resin in a compatible container - we use HDPE for cartridges.

Excess resin in a cartridge can safely remain in the cartridge for prolonged periods of time. So long as the cap at the top is closed, no resin will seep out and the bite valve will keep rogue light from entering the cartridge.

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