Storing Trays and Refilling

I am currently finishing up a cartridge of v2 Black resin and had a few questions regarding the storage of my tray and refilling it in the future. Once the cartridge is done I will be switching to v4 clear and a new tank, but how should I best store my tank for black resin? I know it should be out of direct light, regulated temp, but how long can it go without being used + any other tips on storage?

Also, can I fill my empty tank I used with v2 black resin with v4 resin?

Here at HQ, we have the advantage of excess covers so we tend to store tanks by placing a black cover on the underside and a black cover on top. This prevents light from coming up through that bottom window and curing resin. If you don’t have excess covers, I’d just store the tank in a dark place to limit the amount of light that comes up through the optical window.

It’s best to try to store resin in the tank for no longer than 2-3 months. It’s unlikely that storing resin in the tank for longer than this will cause issue, but it’s best to keep an eye on the tank if you’re storing resin for longer than 2-3 months. If you clean out the Black v2 tank as best you can, it’s safe to use it with Black v4. Those materials aren’t compatible so I’d avoid mixing much of them.

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Since I don’t have extra covers, I just keep the boxes the trays come in and store them there. They stack nice and no light gets in.


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