Organizing lab and storing resin tanks

I am rearranging my prototype lab and looking for ideas on how others organize their formlabs equipment. I have one Form 2 printer (looking to buy a second), wash and curing station. The lab is tiny and things need to be stored as efficient as possible! I am also curious on how everyone stores their resin tanks. Currently we just leave them filed with resin stacked on top of one another on the counter. How does light effect the resin in the tanks? The printer get used on a daily basis and we have all the standard and engineering resins.

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I bought a used steelcase cabinet for my form2- I found one that was dark grey with black shelves.

I adjusted the shelves so that the form 2 fits inside, with clearance for the lid to open.
The other shelves are spaced to hold 2 high stacks of resin trays, four across- and another shelf for storing the cartridges, laying on their sides with the vent and dispenser nozzles high.

I cut a 4" hole in the top of the cabinet and printed a fitting that allows me to place a large charcoal filter in the cabinet next to the printer- and ducted it to an axial flow whisper quiet fan that is a few feet from the cabient. ( I tried to place the fan inside the cabinet- but for some reason this played havoc with the From 2’s level sensor. )

the cabinet really swallows extraneous light- so much so that I literally had to put a lamp inside just to be able to see the trays and all.

With the doors closed, the fan pulls air thru the cracks and crevices of the doors, thru the filter, and what comes out the fan port is clean and odorless.
this takes up very little space- holds all the trays, cartridges and printer in a light proof space that filters the air.
My cleaning station I keep out in my Studio space near an exhaust fan to help handle the IPA fumes.

Shelf at the back of a vent hood. I had the Form 2 in there with the wash, but it was kind of cramped. I’m getting the IPA fumes pulled outside. The Form 2 is just outside the box so air is still getting sucked out the vent to outside. I don’t think activated carbon is enough to really make sure you aren’t breathing stuff you shouldn’t.

I’m moving the Form 2 back in there eventually.