Offer some UV-filtered resin tray storage sleeves

When working in multiple materials, leftover resin in the tray cannot be returned to the bottle per Formlabs’ instruction.  In this case, having a separate tray for each resin may be required and it’d be nice to have a UV filtered storage container to hold the filled library of trays.

Yes, this! I was going to make my own or find suitable black containers, but I would love to have a Formlabs-approved version. Maybe they could ship them with additional resin trays?

Well following Formlabs advices from: :

If you print frequently or** change resins often, you may want to consider keeping spare build platforms**. An extra platform will allow you to immediately begin a new print before having to clean the one that was previously used. This practice also makes sure that you keep your resins from mixing.

You might need to have enclosures that can holds both the vat and the build platform…


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I’d like that storage option also.

Yeah, I would love to have official orange plastic storage boxes/bins for trays and the build platforms and one for both a tray and build platform.

It would be a huge plus if they were designed in a modular stack-able way so as more resins become available you can keep adding storage bins. I am dreaming of a wall of orange boxes filled with all kinds of fun and colored resins from which to chose from.

Another vote for storage bins that hold a build platform and resin tray!

Judging by how many of the ideas in this “Suggest a Feature” section are in the “Planned” section (zero), I don’t think Form Labs is listening.

All I do is put the resin tank in a plastic ziplock bag, to protect it from dust and such and put it in a cardboard box it was shipped in.

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Yikes! What we’re not doing, certainly, is making good use of these forum features (like marking requests ‘planned’) – but we are certainly listening! Suggestions here are critical for us in planning our next features, fixes, and products! We’ve been considering putting together a storage system for resin tanks – that’s a great suggestion, Jimmy. We have been considered using the cardboard shipping boxes for the tanks themselves as a kind of modular storage system, but that’s still in early stages.

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Sounds good Sam. Good to know you guys are listening. Just marking them as ‘Planned’ would give us a better idea of what to expect in the near future.

How about for now including these with the tanks. I imagine they would keep the resin clean and keep the light away.

I would order them, but I just don’t need a 100 of them.

I was just thinking about this again the other day.

I am currently using a large zip lock bag over the tank with resin in it. I then put that in the box that my new tank shipped in. It kind of works but the box doesn’t shut well. Also I mostly used the zip lock bag as a safety measure just in case I drop or tip the box to much. The down side being that though the resin will be contained the tank would probably get totally covered in resin which would probably be a pain to clean.

I was thinking of a storage system that could be a bit more safe. If the storage tray let you slide the tank in just like when you put it in the printer so it was nice and snug then had a door that could close and at the same time bring down a seal (something like a rubber gasket like the top of the rinse tank?) over the top so that even if you flipped the tray over some how the resin would stay contained where it will do no harm. Or maybe the top gasket part would go on and as you slid it into the tray it would seal it. Then when you pulled it out of the tray for use if any resin got on the top seal it would be easier to clean up.

Also if the storage tray system had some way that you could slide the tank right to and from the printer from the storage tray/part of the storage tray it would make it easier to avoid touching the bottom surface.

I was just about to suggest this. Some type of stack-able light proof box to store the resin tray would fit right in on the Formlabs store.

Actually, although it’d be a huge waste of resin … it’d be pretty simple to design a interlocking (stacking) print-tank holder. Print three of them in black-resin, with a closing door, should occlude almost all light, right? Stack them on one another, each one encloses one tank … (=

Some sort of light proof box?

Take a look here—you’ll see our new resin tanks do just this. They include a black cover which both protects the resin from light, as well as allows for convenient stacking.

Yup. I have a dedicated tray and platform for each color/resin. I cap off the resin tightly with the supplied tray lid, then place it carefully in its original box. Then I cut out the outline of the platform and place the dedicated platform thru the box lid. This is mostly light tight, but unsure of the shelf life. A sleeve would be good. I recommend some lumilloy bags you can buy at an electrical or ESD lab supply house. Only crystalline quarts is truly transparent to UV, and any transparent material (plastics, glass, etc… ) block most UV rays. Yes, the UV coating you pay for on your eyewear is a sham. I just ordered some of these to bag first, then place in the box.