Change the cartridge detect

The cartridge detect is GARBAGE on this design. I dont know what it is but the constant cartridge missing on BRAND NEW cartridges is absolute garbage. I have already had to get a replacement printer because of this exact thing, and now its starting to do it again. Perhaps make them as an RF id tag of some sort for the next generation because having to reseat the cartridge 10 times to get it to register for 15 seconds is … well you get the idea. I love this printer and i freaking hate this darn cartridge detect system


I experienced your frustration. Time for another replacement.

it is really a bad design, the touch point can be deformed easily.
But if the printer have out of the warranty period.
You can try to solve it yourself, if you can open the printer, you can repair it without much time.

Hi, I didn’t see a ‘closed thread’ on this. I thought I would add that I too have had an issue, but mine is a little different. I was using Black material, fine, no issues. Then 2 months ago, i switched to Clear for a couple projects. But during that time, I believe there was a firmware update (may21,'19). Then this week, I decided to switch back to black. The Form2 would not detect the cartridge I had been using. I switched to a fresh cartridge. No luck there either. i cleaned the contacts with IPA, used a pencil eraser and even a little sandpaper. no luck. Then, on a lark, I put Flex in and it was detected. Then I put Clear back in, it was detected. White was fine too… STRONG… I went through my collection… only BLACK is undetectable. Now, here’s the kicker… the cartridge were part of our original package, so they are from 2016. yeah, shelf life passed, I get it… but I think they are still usable. I haven’t been proven wrong yet… but I’m thinking something happened with the most recent firmware update, that rendered an issue with the detection method. Has anyone else seen anything like this before? I have a ticket in and I’ve been receiving advice from Formlabs, so I don’t have a complaint there… but it’s just a theory… i wondered if I was alone.

I recently used black v2 from 2016 and parts still print fine. No detection issue. Some other white v2 cartridge didn’t work but that one didn’t make good contact. Fixed it by bending the contacts in the machine a bit.

@Livebyhonor: I feel ya… :confused:

We’ve got - until now - our 3rd printer (or better the 2nd replacement of our original one) and the cartirdge error is still there.
Imho they have a very serious problem with tolerances. Our old cartridges are detected very well, but all new ones are a millimeter to short.
We fix this issue by using the open mode (for parts under 50ml of resin perfect - if there are more layers, the wiper does some good job for the printquality) or by holding the cartrigde slightly over their endstop (this is working pretty well - just pull it very litte up and the printer will recognize the cartridge again). To hold the cartirdge in place, we’re using a small cutting disk.


I have had similar issues with cartridge detection and it seems to follow the cartridge, not the type of resin. I have started putting a piece of tape on the plastic guide above the contacts of the cartridge which seems to solve the issue on that cartridge. I insert the tape on the inside of the guide and wrap it over the outside. I then cut the center part.cartridge%20detection%20tape