Change printer in preform

Quick Q - I am at work and installed preformn on a work machine. My Printer is at home.

I want to proof jobs at work and save the file for when I get home. Preform has the printer set to Form1+, and is giving me the estimated time based on that machine, when I only have the form 1.

How can I change the printer?


Hi Ed,

PreForm will default to Form 1+ settings if you don’t have a printer plugged in. When you plug in your Form 1 at home, PreForm will recognize the printer as a Form 1 and update the settings (including the print time estimate) accordingly. You’ll just need to make sure you’ve set the correct material and desired layer thickness and you shouldn’t have to change anything else.


I think this is still a valid concern - for example - I use my laptop outside of home, and I am unable to quote accurately jobs with a client as the software always reverts to form1+. I use the time indicator as a means of quoting jobs.