Challenges printing the Xometry Partner test prints : the cup


I don’t know if anyone else has tried becoming part of the Xometry Partner network with their Form printer.
But asking the question anyway…

Before becoming a partner, they ask you to prove or show what quality you can deliver by asking you to deliver test prints.
They have a set for each 3D manufacturing technique Milling, 3DPrinting, cutting, … for 3D Printing they have FDM, SLA, SLS, …
Depending on the technology, you are asked to produce a few test parts.

Below are the test parts for SLA printing : a clips, a test board and a cup.

I’m printing at the highest quality possible (as asked by Xometry) so : Layer 0.025
I did manage to print the clip and the little test-board fine (with the Black V4 resin) .
Not too much support residual marks etc…

The cup however is another story.
it has such fine and thin details, they break of while removing the support, but it requires a lot of support to be printed, just because of those small details

Does anyone have any advice on how to best print the cup?

Much appreciated

The latest result: (problem area’s indicated in red)


(The cup is 5cm high)

Also, from that close, the “warts” from where support was, are still very visible, but I guess those cannot be avoided?

Things I would try…

  1. Make support touch points as small as possible
  2. Lower the height above the raft as this sometimes lowers the number of supports necessary
  3. Move the support tough points away from areas that are breaking
  4. If you do not already do this, try to remove as many supports as possible prior to curing. I don’t know if this will work as I have never worked with black resin.
  5. I would rotate the part so the clockwise so as few supports as possible are touching the areas that are breaking.

Also, stand the cup up more vertically. Print time will increase, but the support density should go down. Also, the distortions around the support contact points might also decrease.

Thanks for the tips.
I will try this weekend and share the results

how did this go

Do you think Xometry will accept you even if your parts come out well? Fromlabs isn’t on their list of approved 3D printers for partners.

is it just me or does this approved printer list look really really incestuous it’s like for companies mostly all of which are big giant former large ones…or "more corporate/engineering types. Very boys club-ish

Hmm interesting, I guess I missed that when going through the registration process.
I’ll ask them directly before continuing my own registration.

If they don’t accept others, then I’ll (ask to) delete my account.

It is not easy to find something like that in Europe. there has not been a solid replacement for 3Dhubs (for those who remember) in Europe.

Anyone any good experiences with other p2p manufacturing networks? (like Treadstock or so)

It went OK
although interestingly not by putting it more upright, it went better tilting it even more, and rotating it, so I has the least number of supports on the smallest connections.


That’s nice! Could you please share the settings?

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Which settings are you looking for? Support or anything else?


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thank you! Did you finally become a Xometry partner or not? If yes, what’s your experience till now?

I didn’t join them. Their are much more a network for industrial 3D printing professionals.
As someone already stated above, even the high quality Formlabs printers, are still not professional enough for Xometry…
Although I can understand their high demanding requirements (materials, printing, labeling, packaging, production log, documentation, administration) for that level, (for now) it is too demanding for semi professionals like me.

I’m trying to find a good alternative “network” for semi professionals, or look for some partners, to setup something like 3Dhubs again (if something like that would still be profitable)

For now, I’m trying to get my website done, and add a 3d printing module to it.