Print broke during printing

I am new to the Form 2 but not new to 3D printing. It’s been an interesting (and fun!) shift to learning SLA printing after having worked with an FDM printer for about a year now. I can tell that it will take me a while to get the zen of orientation and supports. In that regard, I had my first failed print, and I’d like to solicit advice from the community.

I am trying to print a difficult shape - a long, flat pointy thing (a 3D scan of a real stone tool). A good challenge! Clearly I failed to orient it correctly, or didn’t add support in the best places. :flushed: Please let me know how I can improve this setup. Many thanks in advance!

ky899rv1161 - 4_sml

It looks like the supports there are only on the edge, so that’s pulling / bending the part too much. Add some supports along the back side in the area of the break and between the two sets that are already there, should reduce the stress.

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That edge didn’t have enough support leading up to it so when it started building it it didn’t align with the rest of the print.

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve reoriented it slightly and added a few supports where it looked sparse. Will update you in 3.5 hours!

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