Print test with my form3

I tried to print a delicate piece, and I was wrong in the dimensions, the result is very small, but the result is beautiful …


That’s lovely, would you be willing to share a link or the stl?

Wow, what size is that?

here is the file used, I zoomed to have a diameter of 1 cm at the base


Thanks! I tried printing this at a few sizes, I think all of them wound up smaller than yours. It sort of worked, but didn’t come off the plate easily and tore, and I couldn’t get all the resin washed out. I assume you used 25micron layer heights? How did you get it to separate so cleanly? Did you use any supports? or just print it right on the plate, presumably rounded-side-up?

My object detached itself from the stand without any effort, printed with a layer thickness of 0.05



Ahh nice, I printed another one slightly larger than before and directly on the bed and got a decent result

the holes on top of the dome were filled in w/ cured resin (when the print finished, I washed very thoroughly and it was already cured).

I did damage it a bit getting it directly off the bed, and it’s a bit squished, probably because it wasn’t super rigid as being printed. I thought supports wouldn’t work w/ something so delicate but I’ll have to give it another go.

Thanks for inspiring me to try it! It’s pretty incredible how much detail is on offer w/ this machine.