Casting jewellery


You are wonderful, @rick_Lai!! This is the best explanation I’ve ever seen on finishing. Thank you so much for sharing, and for taking the time to add pictures. I appreciate learning something new from you.

Happy New Year!


@rick_Lai, can you tell me what this 5000 grit tool is? I have never seen this before. Do you have an internet link to a supplier? Many thanks.


Sandpaper Wheel 5000 #
In fact, there are 7000 # 10000 #

I bought it at an online store in Taiwan
The price is very cheap about 2 $
I do not know how you ordered, it seems there is no international shipping銀黏土製作所-金工-手工-銀飾-德製砂紙捲-100235527472


Here’s what I found, for anyone else looking. It looks like these are rolls of sandpaper on a mandrel, manufactured by Clayways Precious Metal Clay. I do not see a supplier anywhere in the US. I have never heard of Clayways PMC.

I did find it interesting that it mentions “7-Eleven” payment. Rick, do you guys have 7-Eleven there? We have them here in the US, but it sounds like you might have some sort of payment method there that involves 7-Eleven. That’s interesting. (Update…there are about 5,000 7-Elevens for a country about the size of North Carolina, according to this article…so yes, there are 7-Elevens in Taiwan!)

I had found this tool last night while looking…Kate Wolf, maker of “wicked sharp” wax working tools here in the US, has a slotted mandrel set for using sandpaper on a Foredom flex shaft. I’ve seen other slotted mandrels, but they are always very small. Kate’s are three different sizes.

I would thing that having multiple layers of sandpaper would be nice. Rick, on this tool, can you just tear off the sandpaper when it becomes worn and reveal new sandpaper? Is that how it works? It might be possible to make one of these with a mandrel, some resin, and some sandpaper. Thanks again, Rick!

这是我发现,对于任何人看。看起来这些是在心轴上的砂纸卷,由Clayways Precious Metal Clay制造。我在美国的任何地方都看不到供应商。我从来没有听说过Clayways PMC。

我确实发现它很有趣,它提到“7-Eleven”付款。 Rick,你们有7-Eleven吗?我们在美国有他们,但它听起来像你可能有某种付款方法,涉及7-Eleven。那很有意思。 (更新…根据这篇文章,一个国家有大约5000个7升高的北卡罗莱纳大小…所以是的,在台湾有7高架!)

我昨天晚上找到这个工具,看看… Kate Wolf,在美国这里的“邪恶的尖锐”蜡工具的制造商,有一个开槽心轴套使用砂纸在Foredom柔性轴。我见过其他开槽心轴,但它们总是很小。 Kate’s 有三种不同的尺寸。

我会有多层砂纸的东西会很好。 Rick,在这个工具,你能撕掉砂纸,当它变得磨损和揭示新的砂纸?这是怎么工作的?可以使用心轴,一些树脂和一些砂纸制造它们中的一个。再次感谢,瑞克!


There are a lot of 7-Eleven in Taiwan
Can be sent to these countries 7-Eleven (Japan, Australia, the United States, Canada)

The following are the tools I generally use
New photo by Lai Rick

Slotted Mandrel I do not often use, only in very special circumstances, my sandpaper volume run out, forget the replenishment, no I want the thickness #, I will use Slotted Mandrel, using Slotted Mandrel is not easy, you need yourself Cut, glue, test, modify … _ Oh, he spent my time too much, I hope that time to design work, but sometimes can really help me some busy, little busy.

Perhaps I can help you buy, send you the items you need, we can try to send a small amount to ensure that you can receive items, I Taiwan 7-Eleven is convenient, and his amazing number, I went to study See if it is sent directly to the address you specify (company, home, studio … etc.)

Happy New Year, everyone.

可以寄送到 這些國家的7-Eleven(日本、澳大利亞 美國、加拿大)

New photo by Lai Rick

Slotted Mandrel 我並不常使用,只有在非常特殊的情況,我的砂紙捲用完了,忘記補貨,沒有我要的粗細 #,我才會使用Slotted Mandrel,使用Slotted Mandrel並不容易,你需要自己裁切、上膠、測試、修改…_喔,他太花費我的時間,我希望時間用來設計作品,但是有時確實可以幫我一些忙,小忙。




I found there can be sent to the designated address of the company, if there is a need I can help you send.
Shipping costs
Delivery time


Do you cast with the flask opening facing down or with the button up


HI arthurr43
Sorry, what part is that?
I do not understand, please elaborate that, thank you.


(I didn’t understand either… :slight_smile: )

Wouldn’t you have to cast with the flask opening facing up? Just curious.


There are some dead angle is difficult to let the resin flow through the reverse flow of resin to move to a better discharge of space.
Half an hour or an hour and then flip back.


Rick, I didn’t understand this one…what does this response relate to? Are you saying that when printing there are some angles in PreForm that don’t print well? I’m not sure about the resin “flowing,” or moving. Was this in response to another question, and if so, can you quote the earlier post?


I refer to the casting resin flow, some modeling resin is not easy to flow out, the plaster can be increased to turn resin discharge.


@ Rick

I read an article that said in general it was recommended to burn out resin with the button facing up in the furnace to increase air flow. I have always burned out with the buttom down for wax


Correct Down for wax and up for resin. If i am burning out a mixed tree I point the flask down. It seems to work OK.


I burn out with the button down. My rubber flask bases have wax in button area, so I want that to melt out. Plus if there is any loose investment, I want it falling out instead of getting stuck in the mold.

On the other hand, I guess I could melt out the wax, then turn them over. But with a 15-hour burnout schedule, I usually set a delay to start burnout around midnight.

Is anyone here using smaller flasks, like 2"x2.5" or 2.5"x3"? I haven’t tried adjusting the burnout schedule, but I miss the days of a 5-hour burnout! I think I’ll make an RTV mold and inject waxes once I get into production. Or does anyone have a good referral for a casting house for sterling silver?

I’ll be casting a run of about 18 items here shortly, divided into four flasks.


I had these cast locally then cleaned them up and lightly polished after patina.





These look awesome, thanks for sharing!


So cool! Looks great!


What investment does your casting house use?
Any special tweaks? The surface looks nice and clean! =)