Casting jewellery


Soon i try to cure and cast more complicated things as pave jewellery
a sample below

I don’t know casting
wondering if this kind of rings or similar prints can be casted succesfully with this castable resin.

Did anybody try casting pave?


Peter Good night
Casting something to you is a very happy thing.


Like a dandelion ring.
Prints the part combination.


good day Rick
that’s right


so good effect

next week i try to send to cast somewhere pave pendant or ring
hope succesful

have an idea how to do induction centrifugal casting machine.
will make next year :slight_smile:

now making induction device for very quick melting gold and silver :smiley:

truly maybe one day I cast something

Rick thanks for picture if ring.
I can see it is possible to do that.

Thank you


Your curing lamp is the kind as i used in my curingNo3 (3rd step) outdoor lamp
but I had weaker 30W and spread light 120 degree angle (now focused)
I couldn’t cure prints on this lamp totally.
I am glad you receive positive result. it is visible on pictures.

All you guys who are able to cast metal by yourself, you have great vaue of doing it
you can adjust the process to your needs and requirements of resin

I am end-user of casting results and every time when the prints are sent out
i just believe that casters will do good job with my totally cured pieces.
In my opinion everyone who wants to provide any kind of service, you just do the best as you can.

[do the best to get the best]


Peter Good morning
You have a good knowledge of the industry, really hope and you can communicate more.
This is the result of the completion of yesterday’s light 365nm (nail light therapy light 36W) light 9 hours.
Formlabs rings 405nm for 3 hours
Bubble ring with good results (although the print rough)


Has anyone tried to cast a flask that has the castable resin and milling wax at the same time? curious if it would come out or you have to use 2 seperate flasks



I often mix resin and wax in the same flask… no problem, just use the correct program for heating up…


I do this all the time. Use the burnout specified for resin - the wax will cast fine anyway. Its the resin thats difficult to cast wax is much more tolerant.


So do we all get Formlabs “graduation” rings because we’re just super nerdy cool people? That’s too fun…nicely done, @arthurr43!


Finished products

2 new photos by Lai Rick


Wow! Want to send, say, several hundred of those to Formlabs HQ? :stuck_out_tongue:




Wowza, check those out! Looks great! :slight_smile:


No problem, how many rings are required?


Thank you


@rick_Lai, do you mind sharing with the newbies what process you’re using to finish these? Are you using silicone polishing wheels, sandpaper? When I first saw the prints, they seemed a little rougher than wax, so I initially had concerns about cleanup.

And your English is perfectly understandable…much better than my Chinese. Did you use Google translate? I copied and pasted your earlier post and it was understandable.

Anyway, beautiful work…I love your dandelion ring.





We all have a place where we can learn from each other
Today just finishing the new ring, I use the image description

  1. Tungsten steel with rapid cutting gong, to soup mouth (outlet) Taiwan used the scientific name
  2. And then sandpaper grinding wheel to remove the rough surface 240 # ~ 600 #
  3. Use sandpaper 2000 # polishing, until the naked eye can not see “hair pattern”

  4. Use sandpaper 5000 # to polish until the specular surface looks very clear

  5. Use a cloth wheel to polish every corner and finish.

Of course, if you have a polishing wheel can save a lot of effort.
About 10 minutes, you can have a beautiful surface.

Or matte treatment (magnetic needle machine) he can handle the surface becomes matte

I like the rough surface of the modeling ring, because more natural, prefer to use sulfur, silver sulfide surface to deepen the three-dimensional feeling, and then carefully polish the surface detail.

This is a simple ring way.

Hope to help you.
There is a better way to communicate


Did you use Google translate?