Castable V2 - Shiny Layer detaching from part


We just switched from Castable V1 to V2. Some of our parts show a thin shiny layer on the surfaces (especially those parallel to the build platform). This layer does not have a strong connection to the part and peels off in some areas, resulting to errors in the investment.
The vertical surfaces of the part have a normal mat surface.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


From the images, it looks like there might be some rogue bits of cured resin floating in your tank and attaching to your part. Have you had any print failures recently? When a print fails, it’s possible that resin cures without attaching to your part and instead floats around in the tank. Filtering the tank helps to correct this and might be a good first troubleshooting step.

We did not have any failures with V2 yet. No floating pats in the resin either (except for tiny white flakes: Our V2 seperates into a white and a deep blue phase after a few ours without whiper action).

Our theory so far is, that the liquid resin somehow “dries” on the cured part - leading to this shiny layer.

The tank ist new (about 100ml of prints - parts evenly distributed on the heat map). The optical window seems to be clean. Prints in Clear, White and Black have no issues.

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