Castable resin 02 white film

I just switched from CABL01 to CABL02 recently in my Form2. I was completely satisfied with 01, giving me good results. Ever since my switch to 02, I have a thin white coating on my finished parts which I think is uncured resin. It balls up and is sticky and hard to remove completely from the parts. In fact, complete removal is impossible in recessed areas.

I followed all the normal recommended practices in switching over. I was wondering if any one else has had this experience and, if so, how do I correct it?

Bill Box

I noticed the same thing. I think the resin separates in the tank. Not sure what to do about it though.

Before each print I always noticed a little of that white material.
It seems to me that it is an additive to the new formula.

Before printing, make sure you stir the resin until you don’t see those separation streaks on the resin.
I have had castable 02 for 2 weeks now and have had no issues.

I would say just stir a little more.

Thanks all for the information. I strained the resin through a wire strainer and then through a paint strainer and found small parts of failed bases and other cured white film pieces. (I was trying to reduce the base thickness to 1.5 mm. Apparently not a good idea.) Anyway, that seemed to fix things. What a relief.

Bill Box

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