Cartridge stuck?

Hello all. I went to replace the cartridge today for the first time and it seems to be stuck. It slides about half way out then gets “caught” on something. As far as I could tell I thought you just simply pull it out and swap? Is there a locking mechanism? I attempted while in all modes.

Thanks in advance

There is not a locking mechanism as far as I am aware of. Mine does the same thing occasionally. If you look at the cartridge it is split horizontally roughly a quarter of the way up. I’ve always felt mine caught at that point while removing from the printer. If you gently move it left and right a bit you should be able to get it out. If that doesn’t do it you should definitely contact support.

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Yea, I had feeling it was the edge of that separation…not the best design I must say. I’ll try again later tonight, hopefully I don’t break something…


I have that occasionally happen too on my printer. It snags on the back of the tower where the cover hinge screws attach. A quick, ugly fix is to remove the cartridge when the cover is open, through the inside of the printer.


interesting…will give it a try, thanks!

Worked perfectly Craig! I wouldn’t even call it an ugly fix:)


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Also worth suggesting, open the valve on the top of the cartridge before trying to remove it. I doubt the bite valve holds a lot of pressure, but I expect the cartridge might change shape a little when the external air pressure has changed, until enough time has passed that the interior pressure of the cartridge has “equalized”…

Thanks Randy, I had it open with no luck unfortunately. I’m just happy I didn’t have to stand on top of the printer and pull with all my might haha.

have the same problem…

Haha ya I had the same worry at first. But all you need to do is jostle the cartridge around a bit while pulling up…it should come out.

Just pull it out from under the cover, works like a charm.[quote=“kellyon, post:10, topic:12422, full:true”]
have the same problem…

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