Can't connect through ethernet

I can’t connect the Form 2 printer through ethernet.
All the ip-addresses are 100% correct and and a static entry with the mac-address of the device in the DHCP table.
It simply won’t ping the printer.
When I connect other devices (laptop/laserprinter/whatever) on the same port there is no problem making a connection.
I have Preform 2.7.0 installed and the firmware is rc-1.8.9-27
Making a usb connection does work, however if I want to run Download Printer Diagnostics in PreForm it stops halfway through and tries to reconnect, but fails.

Any others have faced the same problems or even better, have a solution for this?

The other devices work I bet because you’re not trying to set a static IP for them. If you don’t try to assign a static address, does it work? The printer driver uses Bonjour, you don’t actually need to know or care about the IP address it gets assigned, PreForm should always find it.

What does the printer report as its Ethernet configuration? I’m too lazy to check, but I think you can get the IP address the printer is using from one of the touch screen subscreens.

I know the ip-address I want to use. I marked it as a static address and added the mac-address in the DHCP table. Entered that same ip-address, subnet mask, default gateway and nameserver on the printer. But it doesn’t connect.
I can see the mac address being connected at the right port on the Cisco switch, but I can’t ping the printer from my Windows laptop. And Preform cannot find it either.

Any ideas?
Are there people who have it connected in their network without using usb?

I connected my form2 via Ethernet and DHCP. At first try, he didn’t find the DHCP server, then I connected the ethernet cable to another switch port, this worked. Very strange…

How can I define a static ip adress? I can’t find the settings in the form 2 menue.

BTW, I skipped the Bonjour installation routine and entered the printer IP directly in Preform. This works fine.

Yes, my Form2 is connected via hard-wire to one of my ethernet switches. But I don’t assign it an IP, I let DHCP give it one at random. Bonjour takes care of finding the printer for PreForm, the printer doesn’t need a fixed address. Even though you don’t want to use it with a fully-dynamic IP, you should try it once to see if it works better that way. Are you sure you’re not re-using an IP that belongs to something else, or that might have been used in the past that the Router is set up to route differently?

(note: JohnK42 - you don’t assign a static IP at the printer. You configure the DHCP server/router to assign a specific IP to the printer’s MAC address every time the printer asks for an IP address).

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