Cancelled print after material ran out

Material ran out and the print paused with the usual out of material message. I put new material in and it said it was printing but was not doing anything for a while… so I accidentally opened it thinking it was done and it now says cancelled. Does it automatically cancel if the lid is bumped? That’s all it takes for it to say it is open. This would explain the mystery of several of my prints cancelling themselves. 18 hour print cancelling itself in the last hour is quite an annoyance. Resuming prints would be an awesome feature… If it automatically cancels the print if the lid is opened it absolutely needs a locking mechanism. All our other printers lock when printing so they cannot be opened. If anything it should only automatically pause.

Opening the cover will not automatically cancel the print but will cause it to pause. When a new cartridge is inserted, the printer does run through a few checks like tank level sense which can sometimes take a few minutes. If you’re noticing that prints are being cancelled somewhat randomly, you should make sure you’re on the most recent firmware version and if it continues to occur, get in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

Have RC-1.9.9-43 on all of our printers. Preform does not say I need any updates but that page looks like I should have 1.12.11. How do you get Preform to give you the updates? - Never mind I found the updates.

I found the firmware update section on proform… but clicking automatically update does absolutely nothing. Manual update seems to work however… Hope this fixes the random cancelling. Cancelling after loading new material has happened at least 3 times on different printers. Proform notifies me when it needs an update very often. I wish it would check for printer firmware and update me on that as well as I had no idea there were updates.

I must of had this issue - Firmware 1.10.4 - November 1, 2016
Fixed an issue where opening and closing the cover could cause the laser not to resume properly

How long should the firmware update take? All 4 printers I tried to update seem stuck on “installing update… starting” firmware update screen for the past 35 minutes…

35 minutes does seem a bit long for the update to complete. I generally notice updates finishing within 5 minutes or so. If you’re noticing that your printer is stuck, power cycling the printer and manually updating often helps to correct the issue.

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