Prints being cancelled

Recently started having a problem with prints being canceled by the machine/software.  If I send a job to the printer and then confirm the print on the printer the print begins to upload to the printer, printer lowers the print head and starts the first few layers as Preform continues to upload the job.  After a few layers are printed Preform gives a message that the print has been cancelled, when I hit ok then I get the message stating “Error could not read slice c:…”.  This has occurred with at least 2 different jobs that previously worked just fine.  Using Preform 0.8.4, when I check the Firmware with Preform it says it is up to date and no update is available.

Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem.  Definitely send an email to so that they can help get this sorted out for you and get you back to printing as soon as possible.