Opening second preform while print is transferring cancels the print!

Tonight I kicked off a print… and while the print was transferring to the printer, I went to check my email.  By mistake I accidentally opened a second copy of preform, which then canceled my in progress print!  (the file was still in progress transferring when i opened the second preform) The printer had already done a few layers so I was forced to start over cleaning the build platform and restarting the print!

Please update the software so that opening a second copy does not kill the in progress print!  (aka, please help protect me from myself!)


Thanks for this, Ann! Can you give us a few more details on your system (PreForm version, operating system, etc), so that our software team can take a look?

I experienced the same problem.  Win7 Professional 64bit SP1, Preform 0.9.0

I’ve had issues with Win XP going to sleep in the middle of a transfer. That cancels the job too :frowning:

I’m on windows 7 home premium 64bit, preform 0.9.0