Does anybody else have to close Form program between prints?

After my last software update, I have to close Form each and every time after I send my pattern to the printer. It does not matter if I am reprinting the same parts or I upload a new part and add supports. When it comes time to hit the butterfly to print it, it does nothing.

This is an aggravation more than anything else, as I have become accustomed to the need to “reboot” the program. If a lot of people are having the same problem, it might be something they can fix.

I don’t have that problem at all… I can leave my Preform open the whole time. Even startup multiple preform programs without a problem.

That has happened to me on occasion. I cant use multiple open preforms to print they all have to be closed and the first opened is the only one I can print from. And sometimes it crashes while I’m editing supports but not often.

Have you tried updating your videocard drivers / open_gl drivers? Perhaps Preform is using too much of your GPU at the moment.

I just noticed something that might be related to your issue. It seems that Preform doesn’t actually shut down properly when closing the program. I noticed that my computer was getting slower and slower and thought I’d take a look what the reason was my processor was using so much memory.

This is what I noticed:

I made this printscreen after I already deleted half of the preform programs that were running in the background, meaning I had nearly 20 Preform applications running without knowing. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons your program crashes or similar