Calculating material cost for a model

Has anyone done any computations for figuring out the material cost for a model?

I’m wondering how much liquid it takes to make a solid, is it 1 to 1? … by that I mean if I have a solid model that has a volume of 1 Cubic cm will it take 1 Cubic cm of liquid resin to make the model (I know there is a certain amount of waste to be added).  Or does it take more to make a solid?

I’ve done a little bit of figuring based on the assumption that the liquid to solid ratio is one to one.

Cost $149.00 per liter
61 cubic inches per liter,
$2.44 per cubic inch
$0.15 per cubic cm

Does this sound right?  Of course adding maybe 10% or so for waste.

Well it’s 1000ml per liter, and basically .15 per ml… and the program calculates use of ml per run so it’s pretty straight forward.