Anyone here experienced with the Form Castable Resin?

Hi everyone

I’m going to purchase a Form1+ 3D Printer but I just have some questions about using the Castable Resin. Could you please help me know more by answering these questions? Thanks in Advance

  • How long the printer would take to print a ring at 25 and 50 micron layer thickness?? What it would be if I’m printing for example 20 rings in one print?
  • What is the estimated quantity of resin it would use to print a mid-size ring? What would be the cost of producing 1 ring with printing?
  • How many rings 1 Liter of Castable resin can produce (estimated)?
  • How long a print would take in the UV post-curing chamber?
  • How long the PDMS in the Vat would last (in terms of prints number)?
  • What are the alternative Castable resins that work best with the Form1+ ?
  • Any additional advice before I make the order?

Sorry if some questions seem very basic, but researched in all the forum divisions and couldn’t find answers.



  1. It really depends on the rings you are printing. Print times will differ with the complexity of the model. Our software is available online for free here. After you upload your model, Preform will estimate print times for you. You can also send your model to me and I can do some estimations for you.

  2. Again this depends on the ring you are printing. Our sample ring, for example, uses .8 mL and would cost around $0.23 to produce.

  3. At .8 mL, a 500 mL bottle or cartridge of resin could produce over 600 rings.

  4. We recommend curing your castable part for 2 hours prior to casting.

  5. The PDMS is good for 1.5 - 2 liters of resin.

  6. We do not officially support any 3rd party materials.

I’ve also attached our casting instructions here for you to review. Hope this helps!

Castable-Tutorialv4.1.pdf (2.9 MB)

Thanks Jory

I did download and setup Preform software twice but it doesn’t run with me, I’m using Windows 8.

Can I see your sample ring to compare with models I’m planning to print?

I would send a message to our tech team with your computer specs (the DxDiag file included if you can) so we can take a look at why the software isn’t working.

Here is an image example of a 9 piece sample ring print from the Form 1+

I sent the message :thumbsup:

Mohamed great questions I am Jeweler and I had all the same question, thxs


I just order form1+, and waiting for shipping.
I downloaded the latest preform, and want to open the STL file.
But the information show me
Error while loading STL file.
Please help me.

Komtargold, please send us a ticket and we can assist you.


May I know where to get the tickets.

Send us a message to