Curious about Future Cost of Resin - thoughts, etc

I’ve spent a small fortune on resin; between the extremely high rate of print failures, large amount of resin lost somehow in the process, and the current cost per liter(plus shipping). Especially when I look at how little I have made from the $1,000 worth of resin I’ve gone thru!

I’m curious if the price-tag on Formlabs resin is likely to ever drop? I assume that would depend mostly on how well their business is doing, etc…

I’ve tried to save some by using the B9 cherry mix. It does give a touch more detail, but also increases my rate of failure. So I haven’t gained a thing there.

I haven’t heard much good about any other brands yet. I’m sure the manufacturing of it is far beyond what I could manage at home or there would already be many others making their own resin already. It would be nice if the price would drop at least some. And to be able to buy it by the gallon for less would be a cool option too! Or like a buy two get one deal, or frequent buyer credit like a virtual punch card…

It ships from Ohio less than a few hours away, it’d be cool if I could drive over and buy it directly from where/whoever for less!

Anything, something, some way I could save some if even just a little!

My addiction to Forming has already put me in debt.

Acrylate photopolymer resin is my crack! Help!

Agreed…the price of resin is ludicrous. But you also have to understand that’s how they continue to produce income long after you’ve bought the printer. Look at inkjet printer manufacturers - they’ll practically GIVE you the printer so that you buy ink refills (at a premium far above the cost of production ) forever.

Well I got some Makerjuice and I’ve gone thru the better part of a liter and its pretty good and the price is great compared to Formlabs resin! Its far less viscous than FL resin which I think may be where it is lacking, I’ve had a few prints fail and I am guessing that may be why. But I’ve had alot of great prints with the stuff too. It leaves a coating on the PDMS layer but it scrapes right off and mixes back in easily. I just left it and did another print and it still worked so it doesn’t seem to matter or hurt anything. If I ever order from Formlabs again I may try a mix like the B9 resin.