Time, price and quality of the castable resins used in dental labs

Hello. I have a question for you guys. How much time it takes to print a full arch( if it’s possible) with castable resin? Has anybody tried? If yes, how expensive is the resin and how precise it is? Thank you. I’m waiting your answers. Ps: I want to buy a for lab 2 so I need a lot of info especially from the owners of formlab2 printers

The arches we do in DentalSG at 50 micron typically take around 2 hours and Castable resin will be comparable in speed. There’s an image at the bottom of this page showing the precision of Castable resin. We did a few scans and 93% of the model was within 100 micron accuracy. A litre of Castable is $299 and arches usually use up somewhere between 5 and 10mL which works out to an around $2 per print.

Thank you for the information…

Thank you very much Frew!

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